Location Houston Job type IT, Security

Essential Job Functions

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information worked with essential.
  • Assists in administering access control processes which may include badging, rights for accessing databases or other technology by adding and removing user names from access control lists to ensure/maintain the integrity of and safeguard information. Provides reports as necessary.
  • Performs visitor control process to ensure that only authorized personnel are granted access to security information including badge requirements.
  • Assists in the production and submission of appropriate forms to ensure the proper guidance for the protection and handling of security information.
  • Reviews security procedures, assists ensuring compliance with program requirements, policies, procedures and processes including personnel, physical and administrative security systems and security procedures associated with the accreditation of information systems.
  • Assists in preparation and conducts security education briefings and sessions to ensure personnel are aware of individual security responsibilities.
  • May maintain database and perform file maintenance to ensure integrity of the database.
  • Assists in the investigation of losses and security violations and recommends corrective actions. Implements approved course of action as appropriate.


  • Experience with Symantec Control Compliance/Bindview Suite preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Experience working with company software and hardware products
  • Experience working with domain structures, user authentication, and digital signatures
  • Experience working with security systems and implementation procedures
  • Good personal computer and business solutions software skills
  • Communication skills to interact with team members, customers, management and support personnel
  • Analytical and problem solving skills for design, creation and testing of security systems
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team