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We Are membersPartnersBloom.

More than staffing, we're partners with you. Helping people and organizations GROW FORWARD.

What We Can Do For You

Team Building

If you’re looking to build your next team, we can help. We’ve helped build some great ones! Or maybe you’re looking to be part of one!

Precision Hires

Interviewing and selecting new team members takes a lot of time. Let us do what we do, while you do what you do! We can find precisely what you’re looking for.

Consultant Management

We’re engaged in managing our on-site consultants. We fully partner with our clients to be hands-on as much as needed or completely hands-off.

Career Happiness

We work diligently for our clients, coworkers and candidates to ensure everyone is pleased as a result of our efforts. Finding the right career makes a difference.

Why Bloom?

We’ve been serving Houston in the staffing industry for over 13 years. Prior to that our founder (and others of us) came from technical roles in IT.  We know teams, both good and bad, and what it takes to build great ones!

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